Week 11 and 12 reflections.

Self-reflections on my learning 


I was able to complete all my assignments for this week in a timely manner. For instance, my Daily Create for this week is completed a lot earlier than the ones from previous weeks. The feeling of relief I experienced made me decide to work on tasks as soon as possible and ignore the fact that I have a day or two before they are due.


The anxiety of the first weeks into this class has decreased considerably. I am a lot more at ease using the tools of this class, and trying out new things. One positive outcome from this class is that it helps me get more quality time with my two sons. I show them my creations and my `colleagues creations and they discuss and sometimes give me ideas I did not think of.


  • Daily Create: I did take the picture of the cracks on my sidewalk and I put some decorations and stars. When I showed it to my 8-year-old son who is “the artist of the house” he suggested that I let a river flow inside the cracks of the sidewalk. So I got rid of the stars and other decorations and used paint to insert the river. My 10-year-old who dressed up as an Indian for Halloween suggested to put a teepee inside.  Their valuable suggestions helped me completed the project.


  • Digital story critique: A couple of weeks ago I was telling my students about how Akon is giving back to the country, the continent where his parents are from. I told them that Akon is from the same country as myself and they started teasing me about the resemblance between the two of us. Also, since I am looking for inspiration, and ideas to help “make my household in Senegal self-sufficient” (my focal theme), I decided to critique the story about the Akon lighting Africa project which is an inspirational success story.



  • The Art of Digital Storytelling answered a question I was asking myself lately: When I have everything I need to put my story together, what should I do first? In other words, where do I start.  Then I read the following statement from the article:

the story’s narrative is first made into a voiceover and then all images, sound, music, transitions, and special effects are organized around unfolding this story.”


  • The Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling on its part, provided me with seven important clues to bear in mind when I create my story.


  • A sample of your responses to CU Denver peers: I wrote the following comment after reading Andrew’s Digital Story critique:


“Hello Andrew,
Thanks to you I now know that the place where the Denver International Airport is built used to be a burial ground for a group of American Indians. Therefore, it is sacred ground for Bill Tall Bull and his people. Bill Tall Bull is right. “Home is where the heart is.” The correlation you made between this video and what is currently going on in Standing Rock makes a lot of sense and helps your readers be in a better position to understand the demonstrator’s standpoint.

Thanks for sharing the video.




  • To self-assess my work for this week, I think I have met the expectations of my course because I have devoted my time to completing all the assignments in a correct manner. Also, I have learned essential clues on how to properly put together a quality digital story.






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