Digital Story critique: The Journey

This week I have decided to look for an inspirational Digital Story to critique. The Journey, despite being very short in length (only 3 minutes 30 seconds) is filled with lessons that can benefit our youth today. I think this is a very good story to share with our students and our own kids in order to inspire them to believe in themselves, persevere in the face of hardships,  not give up when confronted with obstacles of any type. The story is encouraging today’s youth to be ambitious and work very hard in order to make their dreams come true. The storyteller defined ambition as “the strong desire to achieve something”. To tie this to my focal theme, my ambition is to be able to realize my objective of making my household in Senegal self-sufficient by coming up with business ideas that can profit the people I left behind, and also be able to provide the means to get them started. The lessons carried through this story can benefit adults as well as youngsters.

The 3 Jason Ohlers’ assessment traits I am going to use today are:


Flow, organization and pacing Was the story well organized? Did it flow well, moving from part to part without bumps or disorientation, as described in Part III?

I have noticed a change in the pacing at about 45 seconds in the video. Suddenly the storyteller starts speaking faster and in a different tone of voice. Other than that the story is well organized with very relevant pictures, voices, and music that kept it very enjoyable to follow.

Sense of audience How well did the story respect the needs of the audience?

Basketball and hip hop are very attractive to most youngsters in America and around the world. By using basketball players who are very successful, and hip hop songs that urge people to be ambitious, the author of the story can be sure to reach the young audience that is targeted in this video. “I like to be like Mike” was heard in the video and it is a youngster’s dream to grow up and be as successful as Michael Jordan whose picture is intentionally included in the video. Therefore the author of the story has a strong sense of audience

Media application Was the use of media appropriate, supportive of the story, balanced and well considered?

Excellent media application with a good selection of background music that is very relevant to the topic at hand. The mix up of famous people’s speech, the inspirational songs, and the interesting pictures support the story tremendously.


3 thoughts on “Digital Story critique: The Journey

  1. Thanks for sharing this digital story. I am always impressed with how much can be told in such a short amount of time. It is an important lesson to always move forward. Ambition can be powerful and it is just as important to take action. Very few of us succeed without failing a few times. There were a few rough transitions in the story, but overall it was nicely done.


  2. This is such an inspiring story for how short it is. I think we all can really appreciate something so powerful that can be delivered in such a short time!

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